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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Chris Yates is the Co-owner and COO of Centurica, a due diligence services firm that helps e-commerce entrepreneurs avoid scams, fraud, and unreliable information when purchasing an online business, website, or Amazon FBA account. He is also the Co-owner and CEO of Rhodium Weekend and the Co-founder and Managing...

Jul 20, 2021

Fahim Naim is the Founder and CEO of eShopportunity, a leading full-service Amazon consulting agency that has helped hundreds of consumer product brands find success online. eShopportunity’s partners include Fortune 500 companies, fresh startups, and everything in between. 

Before starting eShopportunity, Fahim held...

Jul 13, 2021

Guillaume Le Tual is an entrepreneur and multimedia technologist with more than 15 years of experience in web design, digital marketing, and the Magento e-commerce platform. He has worked with clients including Volkswagen, Discovery Channel, The National Bank of Canada, and Warner Bros.

Guillaume is also the Founder of...