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The Quiet Light Podcast

Apr 26, 2022

Tim Jordan is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-founder of the Private Label Legion, a community for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to maximize their potential and grow their brands. He is also the Host of the AM/PM Podcast, where he speaks with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs about e-commerce tools and tips....

Apr 12, 2022

John Jonas is the Founder of, a job board that has brought hundreds of thousands of jobs to virtual workers in the Philippines. He is also the host of The Secret Sauce of Outsourcing, a podcast where he talks about tips, tricks, advice, and stories on how to be more efficient through outsourcing. 


Apr 5, 2022

Cole Humphus is the Founder of Rapid Scale Group, which helps online course creators, coaches, and consultants increase sales without relying on social media or large teams. Over the past seven years, Rapid Scale Group has helped over 200,000 customers and built a multi-seven-figure-per-year business.  

From corporate...