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The Quiet Light Podcast

May 17, 2022

Robert Giovannini is the CEO of IronPlane, a full-service e-commerce agency specializing in platform design, development, and digital marketing. While in Russia in the 1990s, Robert created his first e-commerce website to sell handmade chess sets. He quickly realized the value of selling products online, and between 1999 and 2012 he developed multiple e-commerce and digital service companies.

Robert earned his master’s degree in international economics from the University of Albany and his bachelor’s degree in business and managerial economics from Cornell University. 

In this episode…

Do you want to increase conversion rates and boost sales outside of Amazon? What is the best way to build a website to connect with consumers directly?

When building a website, it’s important to examine what is going to drive ROI and boost your business. According to Robert Giovannini, there is beauty to building a website. You have a greater ability to relate and build relationships with consumers by controlling the direct outreach from your own page. So, how can you take your business to the next level by selling off of Amazon?

Join Joe Valley in this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast as he sits down with Robert Giovannini, CEO of IronPlane, to discuss the crucial steps to creating your own e-commerce website. Robert talks about configuring your platform for flexibility and growth, why data analysis is crucial before building your website, and how to leverage split testing to yield better results.