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The Quiet Light Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Steve Chou is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job LLC, an educational blog and podcast that teaches entrepreneurs how to sell physical products online. Steve is also the Co-founder of Bumblebee Linens, a company that sells customizable handkerchiefs and linens for special occasions.

In addition to this, Steve is the Co-founder of Sellers Summit, a conference that Entrepreneur Magazine and CPC Strategy Inc. have lauded as one of the top e-commerce events in the business.

In this episode…

Do you want to efficiently expand your e-commerce education? Are you looking for top-notch resources that will help you effectively buy, own, and sell online businesses? If so, this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast is for you!

As a buyer, owner, or seller, you are susceptible to unforeseen risks when acquiring, managing, or transferring a business. According to serial entrepreneur Steve Chou, knowing the e-commerce world like the back of your hand is paramount to mitigating risk as an entrepreneur. But how do you access and gain this foundational knowledge—especially as an inexperienced entrepreneur? Today, Steve is here to share his expert tips and tricks for eliminating risk and creating a profitable, transferable e-commerce business!

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, co-host Joe Valley sits down with Steve Chou, the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job LLC, to discuss the importance of entrepreneurial education in order to mitigate risk for your business. Steve reveals how he turned his side project into a 7-figure success, why a dependency on Amazon sales could hurt your business, and how to access Steve’s educational courses and build a sustainable company—today. Stay tuned!