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The Quiet Light Podcast

May 18, 2021

Sharon Winsmith is the Owner and CEO of Winsmith Tax, a full-service tax firm that helps entrepreneurs and businesses maximize profits using a holistic tax strategy. Before founding Winsmith Tax, Sharon worked as the Director of PwC, a leading professional services network and one of the “Big Four” accounting firms.

Sharon has more than 10 years of experience as a tax attorney and has helped a wide range of clients — from high-net-worth individuals to Fortune 500 companies — structure their global operations. She has also directly aided clients with creating tax structures for acquisitions totaling more than $45 billion.

In this episode…

Do you want to build a fast-growing business that is easily transferable? Are you looking for strategies to help you increase your profits and reduce your annual expenses — including hefty taxes?

It’s no secret that there are legal ways to pay almost no money in tax. However, the process of saving large amounts on taxes is so complex that most business owners don’t know where to start. Luckily, Sharon Winsmith, an experienced tax attorney and entrepreneur, is here to share her proven strategies and techniques for reducing your taxes, growing your company, and creating a highly sellable business. 

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Sharon Winsmith, the Owner and CEO of Winsmith Tax, to discuss how you can grow your business’ profits by reducing your taxes. Listen in as Sharon shares the importance of creating a financial system, the best-kept secrets for business-related tax deductions, and the ins and outs of making smart real estate investments. Stay tuned!