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The Quiet Light Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Chase Harmer is the Founder and CEO of ProfitPay, the first globally connected Fintech marketplace that unifies banking and business without borders. Chase started in the payment processing business, grew his portfolio, and began building technology in 2014. He created ProfitPay to be a card issuer and fraud provider all in one platform, providing value for merchants and consumers. 

Since its founding, ProfitPay has grown to over 100 employees, brought in top-level executives, and received $25 million in funding during the year 2020 alone. The company’s vision is to redefine traditional finances and create a more profitable future.   

In this episode…

Are you getting optimal benefits out of your current credit card reward system? What if you could generate revenue on all transactions and increase the value of your business? 

With ProfitPay, you can do just that. This all-in-one digital banking platform allows e-commerce businesses to use a virtual card for their manufacturers and earn up to 2% on all transactions. ProfitPay’s unlimited cash back feature, zero foreign exchange and cross-border fees, and pre-funded debit card options give e-commerce entrepreneurs freedom, flexibility, and a greater bottom line.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Chase Harmer, the Founder and CEO of ProfitPay, to talk about how your e-commerce company can make more money with ProfitPay’s banking platform. Chase details the benefits of ProfitPay’s virtual cards, shares how his company surpasses the competition, and looks forward to the future of e-commerce.