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The Quiet Light Podcast

Apr 5, 2022

Cole Humphus is the Founder of Rapid Scale Group, which helps online course creators, coaches, and consultants increase sales without relying on social media or large teams. Over the past seven years, Rapid Scale Group has helped over 200,000 customers and built a multi-seven-figure-per-year business.  

From corporate finance graduate to wedding photographer to entrepreneur, Cole has experience in various fields and knows that success requires the right strategy, action, and people. Previously, he was the Founder and CEO of Cole’s Classroom, an educational resource and community for photographers. 

In this episode…

What does it take to build up an online business and achieve an optimal exit? According to Cole Humphus, buyers aren’t just acquiring businesses for revenue — they’re acquiring all of the business components that you’ve built along the way.

Inspired by his work as a wedding photographer, Cole created a business that offered educational photography courses. After successfully selling this business, Cole has some advice: in order to scale your brand, it’s vital that you diversify revenue streams, leverage the lifetime value of customers, and strategize to turn niche traffic into a brand. What other tips does Cole have to help scale a brand without losing profits?

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Cole Humphus, Founder of Rapid Scale Group, to talk about his strategies for growing and exiting your brand — without sacrificing your passion or lifestyle as an entrepreneur. Cole walks through his own journey of developing and selling his business, talks about various digital monetization strategies for content sites, and discusses common mistakes that could drain your energy and profit.