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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jan 16, 2018

Helium 10 helped Manny Coates launch three of his own products and go from 0 sales to over 1,300 per day. Manny is a multi-million dollar Amazon seller, a podcast host, a Mastermind mentor, a Facebook Group founder with 25,000 members and the founder and developer of a SaaS product called Helium 10.

Helium 10 will show you your competitors inventory levels and help you know when they'll run out. Manny used the tool, paused his own campaign until the competitor ran out and then raised his own prices during the holiday rush to boost his profits.

In this podcast Manny shares how Helium 10 helped him with his own business and how it is helping 1,000s of product owners with both its free and paid service.


Episode Highlights:

  1. C.P.R. Formula for Launching Products
  2. How a Special URL Helps “Juice” Products to the Top of Page One
  3. Why You Must Do a Product Launch to Rank and Sell on Amazon
  4. How to See What Keywords rank on Amazon
  5. A Tool to See Where Your Keywords Rank on Amazon
  6. How Images can Make or Break Your Sales
  7. Why Seasonal Products Make More Money
  8. How a Product Owner Went from 10 Sales a Day to 100 a Day with Image Edits.
  9. Influencers Are Important Long Term for Building Brands
  10. Facebook is Used to Run Advertising to Amazon Product Pages
  11. Why Using a Wide Variety of Tools is Important
  12. You Need Trademarks to Get Enhanced Brand Registry
  13. How COGS Impacts Your Launch
  14. Why Ranking For One Keyword Helps Your Title Keywords Rank
  15. Some Sellers do Perpetual Giveaways to Maintain Rank.


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