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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jan 25, 2022

Conrad Lelubre is a passionate entrepreneur, digital nomad, and the Founder of Intellifox, an Amazon FBA optimization tool. He began his career as a software engineer for private companies before taking a leap and starting his own business. Conrad created and grew Intellifox while traveling around Europe in a renovated campervan. Today, Intellifox has boosted sales for 82% of its customers within their first couple of months of using the product.

In this episode…

Are you struggling to gain traction with your business in the Amazon space? Is it possible to optimize your listings without exceeding your marketing budget? 

While living and traveling in his converted van, Conrad Lelubre created a tool that helps Amazon brand owners optimize the text, images, and pricing of their listings. For your business to grow, you need the time and energy to focus on your brand’s operations. With Conrad’s unique seller-focused tool, you can optimize thousands of listings in half the time. Are you ready to increase your profit margin and bottom line?

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Conrad Lelubre, Founder of Intellifox, to discuss how to grow and scale your Amazon store using his unique optimization tool. Conrad talks about growing his software business while traveling around Europe in a campervan, how to utilize Intellifox to transform your Amazon business, and what he has in store for the future. Stay tuned!