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The Quiet Light Podcast

Nov 29, 2022

Software engineer Ahmed Raza is the Director of Due Diligence at Rapid Diligence, a group of experienced acquisition and merger entrepreneurs providing due diligence consulting for small business buyers. Additionally, Ahmed is the former Founder, CEO, and exitpreneur of Sitevestment, a small private equity fund that purchased e-commerce businesses. Before joining the acquisitions and mergers industry, Ahmed worked as a java software engineer and earned his BS in computer science from the University of Texas.

In this episode…

As internet access rapidly improves and grows worldwide, more and more people have been acquiring online businesses. Purchasing small businesses such as e-commerce platforms is a quick way to add to a financial portfolio. But how safe is the buying process?

According to Ahmed Raza, an expert in due diligence, the smartest act you can perform when purchasing an online business is to hire a due diligence firm. Why is that? Because blindly purchasing a business can lead to headaches, and in the end, could potentially lead to profit loss. So, how does one prevent this from happening?

Join Joe Valley, host of the Quiet Light Podcast, along with co-host Deanna Berardi, as they chat with Ahmed Raza, the Director of Due Diligence at Rapid Diligence, to discuss the importance of hiring a due diligence firm when purchasing an online business. Ahmed explains what a due diligence firm does and how sellers try to cheat on their profit and loss statements. Plus, he shares the lessons he learned from his first small business purchase.