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The Quiet Light Podcast

May 30, 2023

Steven Weigler is the Founder and Managing Partner of EmergeCounsel, a company that specializes in protecting business assets and intellectual property for entrepreneurs worldwide. Before his work at EmergeCounsel, Steven was the Founder, CEO, and General Counsel of ScholarCentric, a groundbreaking educational technology startup.

With extensive entrepreneurial and legal experience, Steven specializes in intellectual property, general business counsel, and information technology law. His overriding objective is to provide legal counsel for people with evolving businesses.

In this episode…

Running a thriving business consists of many moving parts, especially for entrepreneurs starting, growing, or exiting a company. It's important to retain legal counsel to help protect the business no matter what stage your brand is in.

Many entrepreneurs think a business attorney is unnecessary, but they are essential to help you mitigate risk and protect your interests. With over 30 years in the legal arena, Steven Weigler says that growing or selling an online business is complex enough, and getting sound legal advice is crucial. He also recommends hiring counsel to help with your governing documents, protect your brand from copycats and knockoffs, and increase its value during an exit. When you have adequate legal counsel with a background in business who has your interests in mind, business transitions will be much smoother, and you can proceed confidently. 

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Steven Weigler, the Founder and Managing Partner of EmergeCounsel, to discuss how entrepreneurs can legally prepare to grow or exit a business. Steven explains the value of hiring an attorney for your business, the legal issues entrepreneurs need to “button up” as they begin the exit process, how EmergeCounsel's TotalTM® program helps people with trademark services, and the counsel he provides for entrepreneurs.