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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing or guaranteed cost per acquisition advertising – you have to listen to this Ex-Google executive share his story and expertise. Mike Nunez launched Affiliate Manager with his brother John, introduced himself to a “captive” audience and changed the course and direction of his life forever.

Mike’s company, Affiliate Manager is essentially “Google for affiliates”. They “spider” the internet for sites that monetize using affiliate and build a searchable database for clients.

Episode Highlights
Affiliate Marketing can be summarized as online referral services.
All affiliate advertising can and should be 100 percent traceable.
The “affiliate” or “publisher” is the owner of the Facebook account, Instagram account or blogger.
The “advertiser” is the product or service owner.
The “network” is the platform with the affiliate or publisher list.
Affiliate Manager is the intermediary around all three
For the affiliate or publisher they find more advertisers.
For the advertiser they get more affiliates.
For the network they find more advertisers.
Earnings Per Click defined.
There is “power” in affiliate marketing.
Every tweak or slight improvement brings cost per acquisition down.
Affiliate Manager makes calls on their clients behalf.
A good affiliate program might on have 50 bloggers in the program
“Program” is the relationship between the advertiser (product owner) and network (i.e.
5-10 percent of affiliates in program generate the revenues.
Affiliate Manager automates FTC compliance for clients.
Sleep niche related product owners are “hot” right now.
As a Google executive he learned how often advertising do it wrong.
Every advertising account he has ever reviewed has wasted ad spend.
Find the wasted spend, reinvest it into profitable advertising and grow total revenues.