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The Quiet Light Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

Ramon Van Meer is the CEO and Founder of Alpha Paw, a leading pet wellness brand that has grown into an eight-figure empire. Alpha Paw has been featured on FOX, NBC, Allure, and many other popular sources.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ramon has started and built multiple successful companies, including Soap Hub, a multimillion-dollar content site, Toodledo, a set of organizational tools, and Growth Hacker TV, a video site for start-ups. His life goals are to become the Marcus Lemonis for tech companies and to finally beat his son at chess.

In this episode…

Are you looking to develop products that meet your customers’ needs and passions? How can you continue to grow your brand after launching a successful product line and reaching each business milestone? 

Ramon Van Meer knows that developing your brand comes with its fair share of mistakes and successes. After bootstrapping his pet wellness business, he has created an established brand with over $35 million in revenue — and he is continuing to shatter the e-commerce ceiling by offering products that reach his customers’ individual needs. How did he do it? By listening and engaging with consumers to continue to scale past each milestone. 

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Ramon Van Meer, the CEO and Founder of Alpha Paw, to talk about building communities and loyal customers for his e-commerce brand. Ramon discusses why he chose to create a brand in the pet wellness industry, how he raised capital and launched an enterprise, and his tips for revolutionizing and scaling your product line through feedback and personalization.