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The Quiet Light Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

Reinis Krumins is the Co-founder of agencyJR, which helps e-commerce businesses scale and increase sales at record speed using a proven product launch formula. At agencyJR, clients see a 15-30% boost in sales, increased profitability for all marketing efforts, and a 10-20% abandoned cart recovery rate. Reinis is also the Product Director for Frozen Ventures, LLC and has experience as a social media graphic designer. 

In this episode…

How can email marketing impact valuations and the expected growth of your business? What if you could send a specific email to drive traffic and boost sales?

For a successful campaign, there is a flow to follow: reminder, discount, and value. Reinis Krumins helps brands do that. Reinis recommends you follow this flowchart to successfully showcase your products for greater returns. This helped a client scale from $1 million in sales to $1.2 million just by implementing email campaigns and updating their existing email flows! Are you ready to do the same?

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Reinis Krumins, Co-founder of agencyJR, to focus on how email marketing can increase sales. Reinis talks about controlling data and split resting for desired results, proven campaign strategies to increase sales, and thinking from a customer lens to target your audience.