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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Keith Leimbach is the Chief Executive Officer at Portfolio companies and the creator of DINCPIE, where he teaches people how to create diversified income streams. Keith spent almost 30 years in the corporate world before breaking into the entrepreneurial landscape. He has successfully built several companies, including laundromats, an Amazon FBA brand, garbage and trucking businesses, and more. 

Keith now has an eight-figure exit under his belt and is passionate about educating and empowering other entrepreneurs through his podcast, Diversified Income Experiment.

In this episode…

Do you feel like something is holding you back from the next chapter in your career? Are you searching for information to build and exit a business but keep meeting a dead end?

If so, you’re not alone — Keith Leimbach was once a fresh entrepreneur with no clear path to get started. He had scaled the corporate world only to find his true passion in launching and cultivating brands. However, there were no guiding resources available when he began, and he had to learn the best ways to grow, operate, and de-risk his business through trial and error. Now, Keith is changing the landscape by offering transparent information through his podcast and his platform as a wildly successful entrepreneur.

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with entrepreneur Keith Leimbach to break down his path to achieving an eight-figure exit. Keith explains how to delegate as an entrepreneur, the value of consumer-friendly marketing, and why it’s crucial to understand your finances. Plus, he talks about his podcast and how he’s delivering value to other entrepreneurs.