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The Quiet Light Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

David Wood is the Founder of, a coaching company that helps business owners double their revenue by setting clear goals and removing distractions. Before this, David was a Consulting Actuary to Fortune 100 companies such as Sony Music, Procter & Gamble, and ExxonMobil. 

In addition to his role at, David is the CEO of Tough Conversations International and Play For Real. He is also the host of the Tough Conversations podcast and the author of Get Paid For Who You Are: 5 Steps to Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Inner Freedom.

In this episode…

Do you feel like something is holding you back from achieving your goals? If so, you’re certainly not alone — and David Wood has a perspective that might just change your life and career. 

Everyone is afraid of something when it comes to pursuing their personal and professional dreams. For some, it might be the fear of being too underqualified to buy or sell a business. For others, it could be apprehension about launching an expensive new marketing campaign — because the outcome might not be worth the money. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from taking the next step toward success, David has some advice: embrace discomfort and be fearless every step of the way. As he says, becoming courageous will help you find freedom from doubt and enjoy the goals you’re reaching for. So, how can you start leveraging this life-changing perspective today?

In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with David Wood, the Founder of, to discuss the transformative power of embracing fearlessness in your personal and professional life. Listen in as David talks about setting happiness goals, using discomfort as a motivator, and living a full, focused life in every season — regardless of your circumstances. Stay tuned!